To keep your hair extensions in the best condition for as long as possible, regular upkeep is essential to extend the life of your hair. Whether this is your first set of clip-in extensions, or you have owned sets in the past we have some great tips that will keep your hair lush for longer.

It’s important to keep your hair extensions clean and maintained. We recommended that you wash your clip-in extensions at least once a week if you are wearing them daily, or after every 4-5 wears. You can lessen your washes if you’re not wearing your extensions as frequently. 

Never wash your clip-in extensions while they are still attached to your natural hair, this could cause damage to your own hair. 

Use warm water to wet the hair and shampoo in a downward motion from the weft to the base. To avoid tangles You must not twist, scrub or rub the hair while washing. its best not to comb or brush the hair while wet as well. Allow your extensions to dry natural instead, and do not blow dry. 

You can heat style your hair with curling tongs, straightening irons and hair dryers but it is advisable you do this with care. These extensions are human hair and just like our own hair, the less heat use, the better. We recommend avoiding the use of hair spray, mousses or gel as these products can melt into the hair and cause build up. It is best to use a heat protector before using any heat appliances on the hair. 

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We recommend Using a high-quality sulphate-free shampoo which is made specifically for the maintenance of hair extensions. Using the right hair care products is an essential part of maintaining the longevity of your extensions. Harsh shampoos that contain sulphates can cause the hair to become dull and damage the bonds or weft.  

We do not encourage dying the hair extensions. How ever if you want to dye your extensions, we would advise having the service done by a professional and strand tested first to avoid damage to the hair. 

We have a colour matching service available if you are unsure which colour to choose. 

Things to avoid: 

  • Don’t bleach or lighten your extensions 
  • Don’t wear your extensions whilst swimming. This will cause them to tangle and dry out. 
  • Remove your extensions before going to bed  
  • Removed your extensions carefully to avoid damaging your own hair. 
  • Don’t use products that contain high amounts of protein. These can dry out and damage the hair making them brittle and weak. 

Storing your hair extensions 

  • Close the clips after your remove from your hair 
  • Brush through from top to bottom 
  • Loosely plat the extensions 
  • Store in plastic or better, in breathable material.