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Our Virgin Russian hair is exquisite. The hair is in its natural form, free from any chemical processes. It is ethically sourced by regular female donors from Rural Russia and CIS countries. The hair is analysed, washed then brought to us in its rawest for. The hair is of high demand and limited supply and this is what makes it so unique. We created the bundles of raw hair into keratin tips of your choice right here in Australia where we can also repair and maintain for the future also.

Machine wefts can also be created by order.

Our 100% natural human hair is cuticle aligned remy hair, soft silky and fine.

  • Beads: 500 ps 5mm silicon lined micro beads for tipped hair extensions. Available in four different shades $14.99
  • Pliers: stainless steel multifunction Hair extension pliers. For application and removal of beaded hair extensions. $39.89

  • Tape: Ultra hold Hair extension tape adhesive. 3-yard-long roll. Dull finish. 0.8cm width. For professional use only. $24.95

  • Extension Bead Loop: 5 pack Hair extension loop needle threader. Wire Pulling hook tool for micro beads. $7.95

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